Corporate Balloons & Promotions not only participates in, but can help organize either a community, or client-sponsored hot air balloon event. Corporate Balloons, & Promotions proudly organized the 5th largest spectator-attended balloon festival in the U.S., the Eyes to the Skies Balloon Fest over the 4th of July holiday in Lisle, Ill., from 2004 through 2007. Having participated at over 300+ events in the United States and Canada, we have the experience to make an event happen and produce tens of thousands of smiles on attending faces.

Hot air balloon events provide a family- friendly environment with colorful balloons as the centerpiece. Hot air balloons are still considered a novelty and certain locations allow spectator access directly on the launch field, unlike other sporting events. Event media coverage that we have helped our clients achieve ranges from traditional print publications (e.g., newspapers, magazines, newsletters) to broadcast media, both live and recorded (e.g., radio, television) as well as new media (including blogs, e-mags, social media, and podcasts) to name a few.

We maximize opportunities to get your own corporate branded hot air balloon in front of tens of thousands of spectators and the media.