Corporate Balloons & Promotions can design, organize and administer a balloon program for marketing and promotions whether you’re a small local business looking to boost community awareness, an established national brand eyeing the worldwide launch of a new product, a mid-sized company targeting new audiences, or whatever your high-flying goals.

Typically, balloon programs can be broken down into three types:

Focused Single Region.  This program is geographically focused on a single region that usually does not exceed a 125-mile radius.  Occasionally, the balloon may travel to a major event or sponsor location outside this region, however, this is not the primary objective.  Generally, one balloon services this small region.

Focused Multi-Region.  This program requires a balloon team dedicated to each major market area, and offers the advantage of providing the opportunity to tailor the program to individual markets while at the same time creating a regional or national identity.  With an increased number of balloons, a higher frequency of impressions is gained in each market.

Itinerant, Regional, National, or International.  The itinerant program typically involves one or a few balloons that service a large geographical area. The balloon(s) typically cater to special events, or annual appearances at strategic locations.