You’ve never failed to meet the aggressive AOL Balloon team appearance schedule, but you raised the bar traveling non-stop from Detroit to Los Angeles for an early morning media set up – a considerable geographical distance in an impressive time frame. What’s more, you manage to do this over and over again, staying on the road for weeks at a time for up to 20 hour and 1,000 mile days. You consistently generate beneficial media attention, but at Atlanta’s Dogwood Festival, you managed to steal the show in our competitor’s own backyard with a continuous display of the inflatable AOL monitor, branded tarp, vehicle, and our one-two punch of the special shape and conventional shaped balloons flight operations. Your can-do attitude and strong safety record impresses even your ballooning peers, giving you advantages over other balloon teams. It’s clear that you work your butts off to deliver on your promises, I have complete confidence in you and your team’s professionalism, commitment, and overall ability to get the most for our advertising dollar. With your help, we marry a logo with excitement to reach mass audiences in a way that middle America understands, likes, and can feel a bond to.
Chris G., Director, Brand Promotions & Sponsorships, America Online

Brand Ambassador

Bennett Schwontkowski and his team have been working for the RE/MAX Northern Illinois Region since 2006. Since this time they have performed over 1,350 hot air flights/tether, 400 school programs to over 98,000 students and staff, and over 200 cold air balloon operations with the RE/MAX Hot and Cold Air Balloons. Bennett goes above and beyond at his appearances making sure the RE/MAX brand and offices are always represented well. Working with Bennett and booking the iconic, internationally recognized RE/MAX hot air balloon for your local school, community or business events will help bring your event to the next level!
Dani H., Media Coordinator, RE/MAX LLC

Attention to Detail

We want to convey the sentiments of our President, Brian Raegan, regarding the Suspended 35 foot balloon at our Anniversary & Awards Ceremony inside the iconic Navy Pier in Chicago. “The RE/MAX Balloon done by Bennett was the best suspended cold air balloon I’ve seen done to date. I looked at the balloon in detail and was very impressed with his creativity. I know RE/MAX International would be very proud of its craftsmanship and positioning… most importantly, the membership loved the Balloon and it resold the power of the brand to every attendee. We get a solid A+ for creating an atmosphere that made a solid statement about our region and its concern about our Affiliates. He really made sure it was RE/MAX quality and that it touched every Affiliate.” Thank you again, Bennett, for doing such a wonderful job that evening. We are very pleased with our relationship with you and the way you have worked so hard to give our balloon program the new vitality it needed. You have made such a big difference in our brand’s impact in such a short period of time.
Laura O., Communications Strategist, RE/MAX Northern IL


MANY, MANY THANKS for such an amazing afternoon and evening! We’ve been talking about it since leaving you last evening. It was spectacular having a chance to meet and work with you and your incredibly talented colleagues. We learned SO much and our viewers are in for a real treat!! I would love to go up with you again sometime with either of us worrying about getting things on tape and covering all the bases. Pam tells me she’s scanned the tapes and that they’ve come out — in her words — fantastically. I think people are going to have fun watching you and your crew in action doing something we all dream about but realize we are hardly prepared to do. Your decades of experience are so obvious as we watch you at work and I can’t begin to thank you adequately for sharing your time and expertise with us and our WGN TV viewers. We had a marvelous time and walk away from that experience with a new appreciation of how much is involved. We’ll never look at a hot air balloon or its crew in quite the same way again! All the best, Bennett
Tom Skilling, Chief Meteorologist, WGN TV 9 Chicago


Good news – thought I would pass along. Rooftop balloon went up Wednesday. Thursday sales were up $1,000.00 and 100 guests from last Thursday. Highest Thursday traffic since opening. I drove to the bank yesterday and you can DEFINITELY see the balloon from a LONG way away. I’m convinced that specific road signage will create more awareness and increased traffic.
Rob F., Sr. Manager, Field Marketing, Applebee’s

For the Chicago kick off with the branded Ride for Kids hot air balloon, it certainly exceeded our expectations. We had 12.3 million media impressions.
Kelly C., National Campaign Manager, Ride for Kids, Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation

I just wanted to thank you again for your terrific idea and execution of the cold air mobile signage for our booth at the World Gaming Congress. As always, you are a creative thinker and a very professional individual. We’ll have to see what we can come up with for next year’s event to top this. It’s a pleasure working with you and I really appreciate your client service and attention to detail. Thanks for helping make Bally (and me!) look so good.
Julie M., Director of Marketing, Bally Gaming

Thank you so much for making RE/MAX Home town Advantage’s Grand Opening a Great Success!
I have enclosed the newspaper article which was in our local paper for you to see! Great Coverage!
Your Professionalism and Experience were second to none!
LuAnn L., Broker / Owner, RE/MAX Hometown Advantage

I didn’t want any more time to pass without thanking you for your years of great service to the Lisle Eyes to the Skies Balloon Festival. As you know, I have worked with several Balloonmeisters for my event and none of them were as professional, well organized, and creative as you. You even were successful in increasing our event’s fundraising. This is saying a lot in the case of the Lisle event which is now in its 25th year. We will have a very hard time fitting your shoes.
Wayne D., Chairman, Lisle 4th of July Committee


Corporate Balloons & Promotions has been a participant at Hudson Hot Air Affair in Hudson, Wisconsin since 1994. Whether providing special shape balloons for our local sponsors or flying national advertising programs, Bennett Schwontkowski and his crew are the gold standard in ballooning at our event. “Bennett is unmatched in providing professional services for his clients” plus he’s the first to volunteer to represent our event with media interviews (even if it means getting up at 4 a.m. and driving an hour), special inflations, and education programs. We know we can always count on Bennett to provide the best in customer service, representing his clients, our event in Hudson and the sport (or business) of ballooning.
Evy Nerbonne, Director, Hudson Hot Air Affair Balloon Rally & Winter Festival